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3 tools you need to have in reseller hosting

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Reseller hosting is extremely demanding and requires a lot of effort from you in order to get customers and keep them happy with your services.
To do this, in addition to the good communication and support you need to provide, you need to have a good company from behind to support you constantly and provide you with the latest in web hosting programs and tools.
By providing important and quality tools to your customers, you keep them tied to your services and make them loyal to your company.
But let's look at the 3 important tools and programs you need to provide your customers.

Website Builder - sitebuilder

Sitebuilder is an online program that allows a simple user to create their own website online in minutes. With a step-by-step guide he can create his own sub-pages, add blogs or forums, photo galleries, and more.
The webmaster solves the hands of several new webmasters as they do not spend money on building their website at some web design company and on the other they do not get directly involved in building the website themselves.
Most companies charge the sitebuilder extra for both resellers and end-users of web hosting.

Automatically install wordpress & other programs with one click
A customer is always looking for the easiest and fastest solution to get their website ready. Does not want to be bogged down with searches, settings, etc.
Based on this, someone who wants to create a website in wordpress does not want to get confused with database settings, links between them, etc.
He just wants to press a button and enter the wordpress admin!
To do this, the provider should provide the client - and also the reseller - with the corresponding program where any cms, php program can be installed at the push of a button.
The Plesk dashboard provides this capability so users can have a fresh installation of a php program in minutes, without any programming knowledge!
You can find the Plesk dashboard for both resellers and simple hosting packages through MULTIHOST.

[See reseller hosting packages]

Easy control panel

In the previous section, we mentioned the Plesk control panel and the ability to automatically install php programs. After that, we should mention that the dashboard should be very easy and accessible to the customer and the creation of things like emails, file management and uploading, etc. make it easy and confusing for users.
In the web hosting category for both the end-user and the owner side of the reseller hosting company, the Plesk control panel is the No. 1 choice. It offers easy and convenient navigation, infinite options and all through a graphical menu that simplifies all the work of the user!
MULTIHOST reseller hosting packages offer the Plesk dashboard free of charge for both your company customers and your own customers in reseller packages!
The programs selected and the tools your customers will possess will determine whether they will continue with your company and whether they will be happy with all the services. Try to offer them the best hosting services and in order to do this, you need to have the best infrastructure in the back - ie MULTIHOST reseller hosting packages.