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5 pages that your website should definitely have!

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5 pages that your website should definitely have!

Your website is an important part of your business as it connects you with hundreds - thousands - of potential customers.

Without your website or a wrong website, you lose a lot of sales money.

Whether you sell jewelry or have a personal blog, your website should be a fascinating story for the reader to keep it up and running throughout your browsing experience.

Remember, as in life, so on the internet the first impression is what counts.

So you should have at least the following 5 subpages on your website:


The homepage is your gateway to readers. It's the one they would usually see first, before all the other pages.

When designing your homepage, think and see from the customer's point of view.

What would the customer want to see? What would he be looking for?

Visitors should understand the purpose of your homepage as well as the concept of your website in a matter of seconds.

If you are using an application for your website, such as if you build it in wordpress, then you will find it quite easy to customize the site as it should be.

Feel free to ask some of your friends or customers what they think of your site.

This will give you a more comprehensive view of your page as well as what your customers will like and dislike.

Your homepage - as well as any subpage - should load very quickly, so choosing the web hosting provider plays an important role in this.

About page

The About page is designed to give your customers and your company as much information as possible.

You can review your company, what you do, the way you go, historical data, and where your customers can find you.

Page for your products and services

Your product and service page is one of the most important on your website. It will showcase all the activities of your business and how they will promote your sales accordingly.


The blog is a constant newsletter for your customers. There you can write your company's news, new products and services and inform your customers about the use of your products.

A successful blog plays an important role in the overall functioning of the website.

If your blog attracts enough visitors, then your website will be successful and have customers.

Think of your blog as an entry portal and get to know your website with visitors.

You try to write relevant and frequent content - at least twice a week!

This way you will constantly attract high visitor interest.

Contact page

Surely you did! You visit a website and immediately look up or down the footer to see the contact information and if the company is based somewhere near you!

The contact page is the link between your online presentation (website) and physics (offices - shop).

It should be a professional presentation that will list both your contact phone and your address.

Do not forget to mention the contact email - a contact form would also be a good way to send an instant message to your customers.

When designing a website do not forget to always have the above 5 sub-pages.