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How to choose your next web hosting company

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Many times in our online life, we will need to change our webhosting company.
Either because our needs grow and this company no longer covers us, whether we want something more economical or for any other reason, we will often be faced with the difficult dilemma of choosing the next web hosting.
Before proceeding with any move, you will need to answer a series of questions that you will ask yourself.
These questions will be: Why do you want to change provider, what did you dislike about the previous hosting company, what do you need, what new do you want to see, what budget is available.

The questions above will help you find the right web hosting company for you so that you can get rid of the web hosting of your website.

Choosing the right web hosting for websites is a very important and responsible decision - don't just choose a company from the price or the ones it is supposed to offer.
What to look for in your new company
In addition to your personal needs, there are some standard data that you need to see and learn before you end up with a new hosting company.

Where is the server that will host you? (server location)
What control panel and software is there?
What applications are available?
Is there an application for free web site development without the knowledge, in the least amount of time?
Does the company offer free 24-hour support?

In addition to the above questions, it is advisable to request a demo to do the necessary ping tests and determine the speed of the server on your own.
But let's analyze the above questions you will ask the web hosting provider and what they mean.
Server location - server location
The location of the server that will host you plays an important role for two main reasons:

A) For the speed your visitors will have
B) For search engine rankings and Google.com

More specifically, since most of your visitors are coming from Greece, then for your site to load faster than the Greek ISPs, your server should be in Greece.
If both the server and the visitor are in the same country, then the site loading speeds will be immediate and visitors will have a great use of your site.
On the other hand, server site plays an important role in search engine rankings.
If you are targeting Google.com and you want better results, then if your website is up on a Greek ip - that is hosted in a Greek datacenter, then Google will treat it better as it understands that the site is targeted at Greek visitors .
Control panel and server software
Server software (windows or linux) as well as what control panel (cpanel or plesk the majority) is very important to you as well as compatibility with your website.
If for example your website was built to be a Windows server - usually on ASP - then it would not be compatible if you put it on a linux server.
On the contrary, a php website is compatible with both linux and windows, as long as php is installed on both systems respectively!
The dashboard helps you do all the work you need to do such as creating emails, managing and uploading files, creating subdomains, addon domains, installing applications with one click online (if supported by the company you choose), and more.
Generally choose web hosting packages that support and offer either Plesk, cpanel or CyberPanel as a control panel.
Check out the webhosting packages and choose the one that suits your needs.
Applications offered free of charge by the company of your choice
Many providers offer free applications or discount coupons for important programs to attract customers.
For example, most companies that use a graphical dashboard, such as cPanel or Plesk, also offer a free and automatic app installer, where you can install hundreds of popular apps with one click.
Many companies also offer a free Google advertising voucher so you can start an ad campaign for your website dynamically.

In addition to the technical features that you should look for in a company, also see the extra addons that offer and add value to the finished product you receive.
Free website design application
Website design is extremely complicated and difficult - especially for a novice user.
Spending a respectable amount (from $ 500 or more) on building your website is definitely not in your initial plans.
What you can do to save enough money is to create your own website