Restore a cpanel user account from ftp backupspace

(for Server/VP S Admins)

This small documentation describes the restore process of Cpanel User Accounts from a remote ftp account.

1. Prerequirements

Make sure that "lftp" is installed on the system. You can test this with the command "lftp --version" or "/usr/local/bin/lftp --version". On pashosting servers/vps this is standard installation! If it is not installed, there is an issue lftp 3.5.1 related. This version is on the "yum" repositories and may give you a dependency error during installation. So you have to install lftp latest version from sources ( or send us an installation request on
2. Get the account package
* Connect the server/vps via putty or some other ssh-client and login to the Cpanel server/vps.
* Become root with the command "su -" and enter the root password.
* Change the directory to /home with the command "cd /home".
* Connect the remote ftp-server with "lftp @" (on Hetzner servers get this information from your Cpanel Backup Configuration). If the command not work and gives you an error like "lftp command not found!" use "/usr/local/bin/lftp @"
* Now you should be logged on to the remote (hetzner) ftp server. You can see it from the prompt: lftp> Change the directory with the command "cd /cpbackup/daily" (for the daily backup folder). If you may want a "weekly" or even "monthly" backup to restore change it accordingly.
* List the folder content with "ls -lah".
* Choose the tar archive you want to restore and download it to your server with the command
"mget ".
* Log out from the ftp server with "quit" command.

3. Restore/Replace the account
* After Log out from the ftp server you should be within /home - directory and the tar-archive for the account should also be there. Check this with a simple "ls -lah".
* Run the Cpanel restore account script (if you have to replace the existing account with the additional params "--force").
The command "/scripts/restorepkg --force" should do the job.
* Only the accountname is needed here, because the "restorepkg" script search for an according tar archive within /home folder.
* The restore process time depends on the size of the archive and it should end with "done."

That's it !! ;-)


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