Creating an account in Outlook Express

The program for sending and receiving e-mails Outlook Express is pre installed in Windows version 98 and later versions.
The Icon of this program can be found on the desktop of your computer or select Start ==> Programs ==> Outlook Express.
In order to create a new account, select Tools => Accounts. Click on the Mail tab, then click on the Add button and select Mail.
The Internet Connection Wizard will appear. The same wizard appears the first time you open Outlook Express. In the Display name field, type whatever you desire the recipients of the emails you send to see, (Either your first and last name or the name of your company) and click on the Next button. At this point you must type your email address which uses the following format:

Instead of user, type the part of the username that you have chosen (i.e.: george, nick etc.)
Click on the Next button. In this next window you have to state the servers you will use.

Incoming mail:
Outgoing mail:

(Instead of yourdomain type your domain name)

The first field "My incoming mail server is a .... Server, remains as is (POP3). Click on Next. Finally you must fill in the data with which you will check your email. The username uses the following format:

Instead of user, type the part of the username that you have chosen (i.e.: george, nick etc.)
The password is case sensitive, which means that if it includes upper or lower case characters they will have to be entered accordingly.

Note: Make sure that you have chosen the English language while entering your data. It is imperative that the password is entered in Latin characters.
If you do not wish to type in your password every time you check you email, make sure the Save Password option is marked.

The option My Server requires authentication must be selected. Then click on the "Settings" button and check Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
The option Log on using Security Password Authentication (SPA) must not be selected. Click on Next to proceed to the next step.
The procedure will be completed by clicking on the Finish button.


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